The Retreat Website Site – a place to refer to

I was busy as hell to get The Retreat website up and running! I’ll publish every information as soon as I have news.

This website needed to come up as soon as possible so that we all can have a reference point to share. The retreat is quite pinpointed and to make it happen, I need you to spread and share the news to people you care for and think they might enjoy The Retreat!

Please refer people to this website and – really – as important to the newsletter. Candidates might be your friends, peers, boss and finally your HR department.

News from my preferred location

The location I hinted to all the time is high up in the alps, next to glacier. It means we can go for great Retreats in early winter and summer. I will try to arrange a first retreat for mid – end November this year.

It seems that my preferred location wants to collaborate. I get good signals from the nice people there. A good time for a first retreat would be the 2nd half November this year.

If you are interested, please already send me a message so I can start planning.

Please still help share the news!

I need you to do some things for me:

  1. Send people to this page! Tweet it, instagram it, Facebook it, snap it: everything helps.
  2. Make people sign up to my newsletter. It will remain my main channel of direct two way communication.
  3. If you read about The Retreat for the first time, please sign up yourself for my newsletter. The first news you will get will give you a general introduction to the concept.

Every bit of sharing this will bring us closer to our first experience of The Retreat together in an awesome place with awesome people!

Thank you for your collaboration! It is highly appreciated!

If you have any questions, feedback or ideas, please just contact me!


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