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The Retreat 2019 #1 – “On Purpose”

More and more organizations are inquiring into purpose. What’s behind this trend?  The quest for purpose is probably as old as Homo Sapiens. Ancient philosophers like Aristotle were already thinking deeply about it. In our modern, individualistic world many people are looking for their individual purpose in order to find their direction in the abundance of options in order to live a fulfilled, „purposeful“ life. A whole army of (life) coaches is ready to help them on their quest.

But what about organizations? Why do they inquire into a purpose and who helps them on their quest?

As an increasing amount of organizations becomes agile and self-organized, more and more people have to take a lead for their team, project, task. To lead, we need inspiration and for that reasoning or: purpose (the „why”). For those who are inspired, motivation to act is deeply personal – as Simon Sinek puts it in his popular book „Start with the Why“. In agile, self-organized environments this inspiration and motivation are imperative in order to align and direct the forces of self-management. In self-management systems such as Holacracy purpose is even an indispensable building block to set up the organizational structure.

But what exactly is a purpose? How does it differentiate from vision and strategy? What methods and tools can be used to discover and generate a purpose – in small and large groups? Which purpose does my organization follow? And how can a purpose become alive and drive behavior (instead of posting it on the intranet and then forget about it)? How can we foster purpose and make it evolutionary so that it continues to inspire the whole organization?

During The Retreat „On Purpose“, we will inquire. Guided by a vast array of methods and inputs as well as by the conditions and options provided by the remote and spectacular mountain setting we will co-create answers to those questions.

The Retreat „On Purpose“ is for you:

–  If you (in your role as a leader, HR manager, consultant or facilitator) have the task to facilitate the exploration and generation of purpose for your team or organization. You will learn and experience processes and tools on how to extract and foster purpose in a collaborative environment.

– If you (in your role as leadership or entrepreneur) want to inquire into the purpose of your organization and generate first purpose prototypes.

During the three days of The Retreat „On Purpose“ we will step by step download our ideas of purpose, experience new ways to extract, go deeper and generate to prototype and test it and define ways how to implement and foster it within your respective context.

Your hosts will be Sascha Kubiak (Dark Horse, Berlin) and Markus Andrezak (überproduct, Potsdam)


When: 03 September – 05 September 2019

Where: Spitzingsee, Bavaria, Germany

Price: 1.500 EUR (plus VAT for German clients)

Meeting Point: Tuesday, 03 Sept 2019, 8 am, Schliersee Neuhaus train station from where we will start our 2-3 hrs walk to our location, which will start the Retreat. Those arriving a day early can join for dinner at 8pm in a local restaurant at Schliersee Neuhaus.

The end: It is a bit tough to already talk about the end, when we didn’t even start yet. But for your planning: We will finish Thursday, 05 Sept in time on the afternoon. so that you can still make it to late flights or trains. Also, you can stay a night longer at the hut or a hotel in Spitzingsee or Schliersee on your own expenses.

What is included: Accommodation in double rooms, all required workshop material, a Retreat branded note book, a Retreat branded T-Shirt, your guides

Getting there: The closest airport is Munich. From Munich airport, a train & bus connection to Schliersee exists. Also, from Munich main station, a train & bus connection exists. Alternatively, Munich to Schliersee  is ca. 1 hour by cab. From Schliersee to the hut it is a short bus ride and an easy 20 minutes walk ür, as we do it, a 2-3 hours walk. Feel free ta ask me for travel advice. But: getting there is easy!

What you need to bring: Cash for food and drinks (no credit card accepted), a personal handkerchief, head lamp or flash light, mountain boots, slipper socks for use in the hut, all-weather clothes, good mood, something to read.

How many: The Retreat “On Purpose“ is limited to a maximum of 20 participants

The spot: The hut where we will hold The Retreat „On Purpose” is named after Albert Link, one of the rebels who supported skiing at a time when skiing was still unusual. Now it is operated by a family with deep roots in gastronomy – brilliant cooks and hosts. The kitchen is excellent and makes intense use of local goods. The hut maintained its traditional bavarian, alpine style through the ages. Finally, it offers everything we need. The surrounding nature is stunning, but approachable for everyone. Mountain tours in very different profile and length start directly at the hut. During the week, the area is quiet and empty. The valley will belong to us.

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Some impressions around the location