On Retreats – Time, Depth and Distance

The Reasoning of Retreats: Time, Depth and Distance

Retreats in an environment of time, depth and distance to give us the opportunity to be creative and to solve deep problems. Any deep problems.

Sometimes, by thinking deep, we simply find the right deep problems to solve next.

As a company we care about “What are we doing next?”

As an individual, often the right question to ask is “What do I do next?”

If it is about answering that eternal, generic question or a very specific question that you carry to The Retreat in your backpack, we already know:

Spending time away at a remote, calm place, being exposed to the elements helps us think clearly.

This is what The Retreat offers: an opportunity for thinking clearly in a group of like minded, but diverse explorers. An experience that will change how you think and who you will be when you come back home.

The topic of the next Retreat: Product

At  The Product Retreat Tim and Markus will accompany you thinking through all sorts of product topics. If you wish, you can also lead sessions, break out discussions and whatever will come along throughout the four days.

Topics that could be covered are: What is Product?, User Story Mapping, Organising Product Teams, Innovation, User Research, Prioritization techniques, Product Discovery techniques, MVP planning, Road Mapping and much more. Every thought product  will be allowed to  the depth we decide to be right. Want to join?