On Retreats – A clear mind needs a clear environment

Retreats: Room for Thinking, Room for Decisions

The world is complex. Some decision are easy. Some decisions take instinct and guts. Other, harder decisions need room: Time, depth and distance from an everyday world that does not allow for information, taking different views and  depth.

Retreats are an opportunity to take your matters seriously:  Take the time that you need. Think deep. Discuss and exchange. And finally decide.

You are at the center of The Retreat: Entering with questions that you left unfinished in your daily grind. Leaving with answers. Transformed. Using The Retreat to clarify those, you will leave a better you. The Retreat will be your invaluable experience. The room for you to see clearly.

This needs a special environment: a remote, calm place, exposed to the elements – helping us think clearly.

At The Retreat offers room to

  • work in a group
  • spend time alone and
  • be active outside 

You decide! 

The Retreat is a holistic life and learning experience. Designed to enable you think and decide. No esoterics.

This is what The Retreat offers: an opportunity for thinking clearly in a group of like minded, but diverse explorers. An experience that will change how you think and who you will be when you come back home.

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The Next Retreat

When: 03 September – 05 September 2019

Where: Spitzingsee, Bavaria

Price: 1.500 EUR (plus VAT for German clients)

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You can also contact us for a custom Retreat for your company, team or other group.